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Posted on 09-21-2017

Best Sleep Practices for Preventing Back Pain from Aspire Chiropractic in Oregon

Favorite sleeping positions may not be the best sleeping positions. Best sleep practices should ensure your spine, hips and shoulders remain properly aligned during sleep. If you notice small gaps between your bed and your body after getting settled, you could be putting stress on your spine, nervous system and musculoskeletal system. Back pain due to improper sleep practices is a common complaint treated at Aspire Chiropractic in Oregon with adjustments, massage therapy, spinal traction and professional advice regarding the improvement of sleep practices.

best sleep practices for preventing back pain from your chiropractor in gresham

Your Gresham Chiropractor Offers Advice for Aligning the Spine During Sleep

Make Contact with the Mattress

When you lie on your side, make sure your shoulder and the side of your body is making contact with your mattress. Try filling gaps between your mattress and your waist with a small pillow. Be aware that consistently lying on one side only may contribute to the development of muscle imbalances.

Fetal Position

People with herniated or slipped discs often find back pain relief by lying in a fetal position on their side. Get into a fetal position by lying on your back, rolling onto your side and then tucking your knees in while curling your body toward your knees. Switch sides occasionally to prevent muscle imbalance and spine stress.

Sleeping on Your Back

Your chiropractor recommends sleeping on your back if you suffer chronic back pain due to degenerative disc disorders as long as you put a pillow under your extended knees to keep your spine aligned and neutral. A rolled-up dish towel may also be placed under your lower back to enhance spine support.

Call Your Gresham Chiropractor Today!

Spinal traction, massage therapy, and spinal adjustments are all effective treatments used by your Gresham chiropractor for relieving chronic back pain. Your chiropractor can also provide more best sleep practices to optimize your sleep quality and musculoskeletal health.

Call Aspire Chiropractic today at (503) 618-0147 to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor.

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