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Posted on 01-10-2018

Debug Your New Year's Health Resolutions

It's still very early in the new year, yet many people are already discouraged about fulfilling resolutions to do things like lose weight and exercise more. Worse than that, they're blaming themselves for the lack of success. If this description fits you, it's time to rethink the reasons behind your slow or halted progress.

new years resolutions from our chiropractor in gresham, OR

Your Body May Have Good Reasons for Balking

Your body is very good at sensing when increased activity will damage it. Even if you don't feel any pain, it will send subconscious signals to hold back in these circumstances. This often leads people to think the problem is a lack of motivation or willpower, when in fact, there's something physically wrong that just hasn't become obvious.

The same principle sometimes applies to a failure to succeed at dieting. While food is genuinely alluring, especially when it's not the "healthy" kind, there may be more going on. The body sends compelling signals to eat more if there is a nutritional imbalance it's trying to correct. Unfortunately, however, it is not a nutritionist. Therefore, you might get cravings for fatty or sugary foods - the ones that provide an immediate burst of energy and fool the body into thinking it is better off.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Often, the problems that cause a drag on the ability to pursue an exercise program are rooted in the back. A misalignment or impinged nerve tells your system to be careful, and if you override the resulting slowdown, the result is often serious back pain. By going to a chiropractor in Gresham, you can find out if there is a problem with this without risking injury. You can also have it treated instead of hoping it heals on its own.

Here at Aspire Chiropractic and Massage, we also offer nutrition and lifestyle counseling. If you've been suffering from problems in dieting, this is just what you need. We can evaluate your nutritional needs, compare them with your failing diet plan, and tell you what needs to be changed in order to bring success.

Call our Gresham, OR Office Today!

Rather than give up on your New Year's resolutions, make an appointment at our Gresham, OR office today. We'll be glad to find and fix the real cause of your current lack of progress.

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